3 Reasons Why People Buy Your Products or Services

3 Reasons Why People Buy Your Products or Services
3 Reasons Why People Buy Your Products or Services

When you walk into a store, what are those things that push you to reach for your wallet or purse? Have you ever pondered on where such motivation comes from? 

Business is all about providing value and meeting people’s needs. So let’s take buying/selling as satisfying a want, need, or desire. First of all, satisfying your need should come first. Then your wants and desires. Thus, when we fulfill our needs we move up to finding our wants and then desires. 

Later, you will understand how these three things influence the buyer’s decision, and then you can spend time to identify which of the motivators makes your customers buy your product/services so that you can channel your marketing message to match. So, is your product fulfilling their wants, needs, or desires? To answer that, let’s dig into the meaning of needs, wants, and desires.  


According to Abraham Maslow, we must, first of all, acquire the vital commodities necessary for survival such as water, food, heat, and shelter before we can find luxuries and embellishments. So, Business owners who are under this category of selling needs such as the supermarket and the local stores in your vicinity are looking at high volume, low margin. Unless you have a huge market penetration you won’t make a huge profit off selling needs. The need motivators are; to eat and drink to survive, to stay warm, to have somewhere to live, to stay well and clean, to avoid pain, and to ensure general security and safety.  


These categories of people have all the necessities for survival such as food, water, and shelter. They are currently at a point where all they want is comfort and satisfaction. These people focus on buying things that will make them a decent living. Such as a TV, a Car, a CD/DVD player among others. Sellers in the want category are aware that there is a big competition in the want market as many other brands are selling the same products hence the need for thorough advertising and promotion. In the want market, buyers want; to be sociably acceptable, to Look and feel good, to save time or money, and to improve general living standards. 


Then here comes desires! Desires spring up from emotion! Once an individual acquires needs and wants, he finds ways to satisfy his emotions. Emotion simply means a burning desire. People can pay ridiculous money to satisfy their emotions. In the desired market, you will possibly sell niche specific items. And the desire motivators are; to improve social standing, to demonstrate love, sex appeal, to gain prestige, to be popular and to regain a forgotten youth. 

To sum up, recognizing your buyer’s motivation will help you tailor your marketing pitch to conform to the wants and desires of your customers which will further boost your sales and Income. As mentioned earlier in this article, Take your time to understand some of the key factors that make your customers buy and apply this knowledge to writing a sales message that is tailored generally to all your customers but speaks individually to your customers. 

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