10 simple Tips that will take away your fear of Public Speaking

10 simple Tips that will take away your fear of Public Speaking
10 simple Tips that will take away your fear of Public Speaking

How can you curb the fear of public speaking? How do you not get anxious when you think of public speaking? How can you feel relaxed and comfortable before and after a presentation? Realistic solutions to these questions are discussed below: 

Stop Being Selfish 

In the course of your preparation, don’t be tempted to write jargon or statement that are meant to impress your audience. Your aim should be to clarify, persuade, describe, or explain a notion. Your aim shouldn’t be to impress. Rule out all thoughts about you and think of your audience first. 

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Whenever it is possible. Visit the venue of the presentation and stand at a point where you will deliver the presentation then picture yourself speaking to an audience.  

Personal Preparation 

This involves the preparation of your personal outfit before the day of the presentation. Go for a simpler and more casual look. As for men, you can always take off your jackets and ties while women can always take off excessive jewelries. 

Composure and Attitude  

Walk purposefully and quickly to the front when you are being called out to speak. Stretch yourself and stand to your full height as if you own the space. Look round the audience and smile just before you speak to your audience or after the applause.  This will make you appear likable, confident, and friendly to your audience. 

In order to trick your brain into thinking you are communicating with some friends, you can welcome your audience with a smile as the come in or even before you get up to speak. 

The Presentation 

Right from the start, your presentation needs to grab their attention. Don’t start your presentation by saying your name. It is a boring way to start a presentation. You can replace it by stating a fact or something interesting related to your topic of presentation. Keep your head high look at your audience, it will grab their attention and make them know that you are interested in them.  


Be sure to not take questions as you speak as questions can make you deviate from your original thought and presentation plan. So, take questions when you are finished with the presentation. When asked a question, thank the questioner and say the question out loud to your audience before you answer them. This will give your audience the impression that you are clever and in control. 

Keep To The Agreed Time. 

When you are tempted to keep talking even after the scheduled time is over. Quit talking. Your audience will love you for that. For instance, if you are asked to speak for 15 minutes speak for 14 minutes only. Don’t overdo it. 


Last but not leastNervousness is a good fuel for public speaking. Research shows that nervousness can boost adrenaline which makes your mind sharper and gives you more strength. So, there’s no doubt you will be a little nervous despite your preparation. Just pull yourself together and pretend you are not nervous. Don’t by any means allow your audience to understand that you are nervous. They will only scare you further. To remain calm, be sure to burn out the stress hormone in you by getting a lot of oxygen into your system just before your presentation. You can do simple on the spot exercise which will help you ease the stress chemicals. 

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